Wednesday, 30 December 2009

world premiere..

i know..don't we have enuf bloggers already..yet another stupid blogger rambling bout his feeling and stupid opinion..mcm xde kerja lain..yes..rakyat dunia tlh di jajah oleh capitalism..corporate companies are ruling dis world..jus accept it people..u r cooler when u have fb,twitter, and i understand why the european hate american corporate..u see..ble jln2 kat anywhere in this world..wajibul ghunnah ade mcd, starbucks and stupid radio shack..lame2 kedai barang elektrik ah meng..kedai kopi ali and restaurant raju(how 1malaysia) akan hilang..keunikan every nation pn cam akn hilang identiti..uniquely singapore akan jadi uniquely the samengapore..malaysia truly asia will be malaysia truly persia(i know it doesn't make sense,but it rhyme,dats wat important)

hanif shahbudin: erk..saiful amirin,camne pg turkey haritu? indah x??

saiful amirin: ok la..kitorang masuk hagia sophia,topkapi palace..pastu lpk mcD jap..lapar..malam tu smayang maghrib kat blue mosque..seriously night view of blue mosque from coffee bean sultanahmet, magnificent..indah skali..

bercakap tntg turkey,
turkey is the reason i wrote this blog..sblom ni malas nk kongsi experience waktu pg europe last summer..
nak ckp pn malas..u have to see to believe la..turkey mmg indah skali..
the people..the places..

bak kate pepatah org caucasian.."you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression"..
for that, i will stop all this rage and make this blog look more sophisticated,simple and straight to the points, as if being written by philosopher( notice the 3s..bwahahha..although secare x sengaja)

p/s: ignore all the grammatical error..turkey entry will come avatar..magnificent..indah skali