Wednesday, 17 March 2010

a movie a day might give you nightmare

the 4th year student have already started pulic health classes...i don't find public health subject as interesting as others to be honest,i already skipped 2 weeks of classes on disember and only attended it sometimes on monday and wednesday throughout the whole year(kelas hari isnin n rabu from the start of the year)

and,public health class finish 12 we already done..i end up watching movies at dat masa lapang..i mean a hit me dat i watched a lot of movies when this afternoon when i'm taking nap i'm dreaming dat i watch a movie..

permulaan dis movie kat a basketball match..evryone cheering and wearing the same vivid orange shirt with seat numbers(where they're seated)..prolly the home crowd..anyway, the home team win.. do i know dat the dream i'm having is a movie not a dream?
a) sume org dlm tu is either white or black (so i assume dat it's an american movie)
b)john travolta was in it..irony nye..sblom tdo aku watch from paris with love starring him..stupid movie madee by bunch of islamophobics..islamic terrorists is so 2001..get over it..xkn nk prejudice wif one third of the world population?? n u guys alreay hate chinese..adding another 1 billion?? russian n north korean juz waiting nk bomb out for them plak..

anyway,the team coach  nk masuk ke locker room thru dis door yg slalu ade kt bawah audience stands(mcm american court) when a 7 years old boy stop him..he say some pretty disturbing things by quoting the bible about some sort of mass disaster or something..n x bg the coach msk thru that door..well,typical american movie, the coach x percaye ckp dat the team pn masukla pintu tu,when suddenly BOMB!!!

sume  player tu mati on the spot...darah mencurah2..the kid only watch from atas..(efek crite ni bad tapi..coz dorg gune manequin gantikan org waktu nk tunjuk muke terbelah2 n darah mencurah2)

i sudenly woke up at dat time coz my phone ringing..waktu te terfikir dat mcm penah dream the same dream sblom ni..but the dream sblom ni lg pendek and somewhat x crite keseluruhannye..mcm tebuk sket2 from dis and dat dat time i realise dat the dream b4 is the trailer for the dream today..(haha.i must admit it's a stupid story by a loser,and i get it if u guys don't find it funny)

p/s:moga roh arwah sarhan dicucuri

Monday, 8 March 2010

freemason and what not

i knew it..i just knew it..arghh..well,as u guys know,the hurt locker won for best picture and kathryn bigelow won for best director..
4 some reason,i knew dis gonna happen..
last night i suddely woke up at 3 am and have this feeling in my gut..

the avatar-not-gonna-win-and-hurt-locker-will-coz-it's-hollywood-propaganda-to show-dat-americans-are-bunch-of-nice-people-who-will-sacrifice-their-live-for-other-country-and-people-sake kind of feeling

for billions of u guys out there who didn't watch the hurt locker and oso for billion of u who already watch avatar,u guys must know what i'm talking about..

the hurt locker is a story about american bomb squad in iraq who search for unexplode dorg risk their lives ntuk matikan that bomb..bla bla bla..boring boring boring..

by winning oscar, of cozla ramai akan tgk the hurt locker..and sume akan di brain wash dat ameicans are noble bla bla bla..boring boring boring..

 irony nye..last night i watch josie and the pussy cats,crite tentang a band nak jd famous but lastly dorg jd boneka this recording studio ntuk sampaikan subliminal mesagge ntuk control others mind thru their's a stupid movie though..

p/s: sume predictable this year oscar..bosan..glad dat mo'nique won

Saturday, 6 March 2010

rude egyptians

egypt oh egypt

p/s:mmg dah ramai utpians x suke egyptian..bajet bagus sgt..once a barbarian always a barbarian

Friday, 5 March 2010

oscar prediction

this sunday is oscar night..i love great movies..u see people,i have great imaginations..whenever i saw a movie or read a book..i felt like i'm in that particular, not as the main act..more like the background..the tree or maybe little maggots..i have huge stage fright...i literally tremble in primary school reading a poem in front of the class..i always considered myself more of a behind the scene person..u see people..i can create a brilliant show but i can't make the show brilliant(does this statement even make sense?)



it's a long list of nominees..but to make it simple i'll categorized the movies into few groups

GROUP A: movies that i love so much,but i think they don't have the chance of winning the best picture (but have very good story plots)
the blind side
up in the air
inglourious basterds

GROUP B:movies that i thought will be boring and doesn't even bother to watch them the first time i saw they're preview(of coz i'll watch it after diz)
an education
a serious man
district 9

GROUP C:movie that is boring as hell(ok,this statement doesn't make sense,is hell boring??isn't hell kinda hot and torturous??) but i force myself watching it juz becoz of the great reviews and the media making big fuss that it might win the best picture(please god,no)
the hurt locker

GROUP D:movie that have all the possibilities to win great picture but don't have that "wow! good ending" ending.(yeah,i said that)

my prediction:
i think it will be avatar,the 2nd best right now is the hurt locker since it win a lot at bafta..but please no


jeff bridges-crazy heart
george clooney-up in the air
colin firth-a single man
morgan freeman-invictus
jeremy renner-the hurt locker

i didn't see crazy heart and a single man, so i will not include jeff bridges and colin firth in my prediction for best actor.. yg tinggal is george clooney,morgan freeman and jeremy renner..okay this is hard..i don't think george clooney will win thru this movie..better luck next time..and oso morgan freeman as nelson mandela in invictus will not let him win best,im gonna go with jeremy renner..but,i do think colin firth will win this time(but it's not fair since i didn't watch his acting in, a single man)

my prediction
jeremy renner or colin firth(yeah i know it's not fair)


sandra bullock-the blind side
hellen mirren-the last station
carey mulligan-an education
gabourey sidibe-precious
meryl streep-julie and julia

gab will not win,i didn't watch hellen mirren samada sandra,carey or meryl..meryl is hilarious in julie n julia,i didn't watch an education starring carey mulligan but she won best actress in bafta,and sandra bullock's acting in the blind side is convincing enuf

my prediction:
it's sandra bullock year diz year..she won the razzies in all about steve for the worst actress(she's kinda cute here)..n i do think she will win best actress oso diz time..talking bout irony


matt damon-invictus
woody harrelson-the messenger
christopher plummer-the last station
stanley tucci-the lovely bones
christoph waltz-inglourious basterds

my prediction: christoph waltz in inglourious basterds..his acting is so good,i felt sorry for jews(okay that is a mean and racist statement)


penelope cruz-nine
vera farmiga-up in the air
maggie gyllenhall-crazy heart
anna kendrick-up in the air

my prediction:
this one is a no brainer..absolutely mo'nique in precious..her acting is juz mind blowing..aim for best leading actress next time..

p/s: i know i'm against bafta this year for best picture owh n yeah..i think james cameron will be best director this year..but i take that risk..doesn't quentin tarantino always direct and produce weird movies..i remember watching grindhouse and kill bill n oso there's one weird zombie movies having 80's movie theme he direct..