Wednesday, 17 March 2010

a movie a day might give you nightmare

the 4th year student have already started pulic health classes...i don't find public health subject as interesting as others to be honest,i already skipped 2 weeks of classes on disember and only attended it sometimes on monday and wednesday throughout the whole year(kelas hari isnin n rabu from the start of the year)

and,public health class finish 12 we already done..i end up watching movies at dat masa lapang..i mean a hit me dat i watched a lot of movies when this afternoon when i'm taking nap i'm dreaming dat i watch a movie..

permulaan dis movie kat a basketball match..evryone cheering and wearing the same vivid orange shirt with seat numbers(where they're seated)..prolly the home crowd..anyway, the home team win.. do i know dat the dream i'm having is a movie not a dream?
a) sume org dlm tu is either white or black (so i assume dat it's an american movie)
b)john travolta was in it..irony nye..sblom tdo aku watch from paris with love starring him..stupid movie madee by bunch of islamophobics..islamic terrorists is so 2001..get over it..xkn nk prejudice wif one third of the world population?? n u guys alreay hate chinese..adding another 1 billion?? russian n north korean juz waiting nk bomb out for them plak..

anyway,the team coach  nk masuk ke locker room thru dis door yg slalu ade kt bawah audience stands(mcm american court) when a 7 years old boy stop him..he say some pretty disturbing things by quoting the bible about some sort of mass disaster or something..n x bg the coach msk thru that door..well,typical american movie, the coach x percaye ckp dat the team pn masukla pintu tu,when suddenly BOMB!!!

sume  player tu mati on the spot...darah mencurah2..the kid only watch from atas..(efek crite ni bad tapi..coz dorg gune manequin gantikan org waktu nk tunjuk muke terbelah2 n darah mencurah2)

i sudenly woke up at dat time coz my phone ringing..waktu te terfikir dat mcm penah dream the same dream sblom ni..but the dream sblom ni lg pendek and somewhat x crite keseluruhannye..mcm tebuk sket2 from dis and dat dat time i realise dat the dream b4 is the trailer for the dream today..(haha.i must admit it's a stupid story by a loser,and i get it if u guys don't find it funny)

p/s:moga roh arwah sarhan dicucuri

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  1. shakir : this is funny..trailer for a dream?? bes gila..damn lucky kot.boleh lah predict for me,mimpi selalu ta habis.and i hate it bila ta tahu ending. :P

    ps : anyhow thanx for the dark ages and golden ages post.manage to trim a bit info here and there untuk essay English tadi...