Sunday, 24 April 2016


yup, i started my year 4 months late than everyone else.
have been busy being someone i once think i could never be,
still can't imagine how people can let their life depended partly on my hand,
people can be crazy at times.

dah lama sangat x bukak balik this blog,
i once did it out of boredom staying inside my room studying and decided that outdoors only limited for sports and play, tiny bit traveling and shopping here and there (yup i'm that nerd u hate)
but believe me, i have my reason. and my situations give different reason than yours.

i'm that introvert that only talk when being talken to.
the one that u thought was sombong,
believe me i have my reason.

opening atas ni sangat pretentious. ^^^^^^^^^^^

blog ini adalah alasan untuk aku post stupid things.