Monday, 8 March 2010

freemason and what not

i knew it..i just knew it..arghh..well,as u guys know,the hurt locker won for best picture and kathryn bigelow won for best director..
4 some reason,i knew dis gonna happen..
last night i suddely woke up at 3 am and have this feeling in my gut..

the avatar-not-gonna-win-and-hurt-locker-will-coz-it's-hollywood-propaganda-to show-dat-americans-are-bunch-of-nice-people-who-will-sacrifice-their-live-for-other-country-and-people-sake kind of feeling

for billions of u guys out there who didn't watch the hurt locker and oso for billion of u who already watch avatar,u guys must know what i'm talking about..

the hurt locker is a story about american bomb squad in iraq who search for unexplode dorg risk their lives ntuk matikan that bomb..bla bla bla..boring boring boring..

by winning oscar, of cozla ramai akan tgk the hurt locker..and sume akan di brain wash dat ameicans are noble bla bla bla..boring boring boring..

 irony nye..last night i watch josie and the pussy cats,crite tentang a band nak jd famous but lastly dorg jd boneka this recording studio ntuk sampaikan subliminal mesagge ntuk control others mind thru their's a stupid movie though..

p/s: sume predictable this year oscar..bosan..glad dat mo'nique won

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