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Turkey part one: Fateh Sultan Mehmet

since lots of my classmates and frens akan ke turkey dis i think i'm obliged to write this entry(yeah rite)..sebagai panduan sket..

things to do in turkey: ask for directions
things not to do in egypt: ask for directions

this lady is sweet enuf to write for us the directions in english and turkish

okay,i'm joking,egyptians are nice people who would love to show u ways..but some of them juz suke buat pala..try this..ask them were pahang is..haha(i heard this story from one of the azharian)

if there's mahathir muhammad in malaysia,
there's kamal ataturk in turkey,
if there's tuanku abdulrahman in malaysia,
there is sultan fateh in turkey,
(pantun la plak...)

so as u see..sultan fateh ni opener of istanbul yg dlu dikenal sebagai constantinople dat means tempat constantine or something like dat..then jd islambol means islam keseluruhannya,then di westernised oleh ataturk to istanbul means setan keseluruhannya(okay,dats no true)

ok,sultan fateh ni anak sultan murad the 2nd,history ckp sultan fateh ni lead the army waktu umur 14 tahun,naik throne gantikan sulan murad..coz die mmg smangat nak perang n tawan constantinople but first sultan murad refused or is it cam lambat sket nak serang constantinople(idk), so sultan fatih wrote letter to sultan murad,"if you are the Sultan, come and lead your armies. If I am the Sultan I hereby order you to come and lead my armies". so then,sultan murad led the army to conquest constantinople, but failed..then after dat sultan fateh plak led the army and succeed.

nak tawan constantinople ni tricky coz emperor byzantine waktu tu letak rantai besi kat pintu masuk bosphorus sea..u see people..teluk bosphorus is the only way ntuk masuk constantinople tru mmg susah r kapal nak masuk..and atas sebab tu jugak less kapal berdagang economy pun merundum and cause the rakyat of byzantine at that time to suffer lah..

so what sultan fateh do,
die tolak all the kapal tru the hill ikut jalan darat ntuk masuk constantinople(that's juz out of the world),then serang constantinople..waktu perang ni dorang use dardanelles gun(now at royal armouries collection in london),at that time banyak kapal europe nak tolong constantinople but they can't get tru the rantai besi..

well, talking bout the help from the european,
sblom conquest of constantinople ni,ottoman empire ade wat cam markaz near constantinople,so emperor byzantine ni cuak n mtk tolong dr rome,
at that time constantinople emperor and citizen ni christian orthodox,and as u know the romans are catholic, but sbb nak mtk tolong from rome, the emperor sanggup convert to catholic.

so,slepas beberapa hari they succeed..the ottoman empire ask the people of constantinople to covert to islam and if xnak..they have to pay amount of at this time,ottoman empire mmg masyuk..if u go to topkapi palace,u can see how luxurious they were at this time,pinggan mangkuk, baju and langsir sume from diamond,gold and such.dikisahkan kayanya diorang ni, waktu sebelum perang sebab xde duit, diorang bakar langsir utuk dapatkan emas kat langsir(filthy rich) for persiapan perang.

as a famous hadith from rasulullah goes"Constantinople akan ditakluki oleh tentera Islam. Rajanya (yang menakluk) adalah sebaik-baik raja dan tenteranya (yang menakluk) adalah sebaik-baik tentera".(search for the sanad hadith if u guys doubt it).

so,if u guys dtg istanbul don't forget to ziarah makam sultan fatih,and masjid fateh beside it
u see people, i don't remember how to get there,so,juz ask anyone there.

p/s: if nak tgk conquest of constantinople 3D, ade satu place ni tyg,but dah lupe name die,kalau aku igt aku letak kat comment,owh and,kalau dtg turkey bkn by group and turun kat ataturk airport..ade metro kat airport tu ke city centre cost 1.50 lira senang to get around,so if nak jimat i think no need for travel agent pn ok..u can do it by urself..transport easy entry,bosphorus tour,hagia sophia and blue mosque

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