Saturday, 10 April 2010

Concert Maher Zain and Hamza Namira

To be honest, i've never heard of maher zain b4(okay,i've heard about him from my frens b4),but never listen to his music(okay,i've heard my frens singing his song b4), i know nothing bout him..i thought he's a malaysian, some of my frens said he's canadian (i don't think so, he's english is not that fluent during the concert), but some said he's from sweden..IDK&IDC..

prolly no one knows bout hamza namira..but he actually is pretty frens said he's an egyptian..he might be not that famous..but safwan, my housemate listened to his song.

shakir kamaruddin: hang dgaq lagu sapa ni?

safwan shukor: hamza namira?

shakir kamaruddin: hamza whomira?

anyway,safwan oso watch battlestar galactica and download all song in the movie bridge of terabithia(which i think hayden panettiere sang one),so,i didn't bother to ask more question..

th concert is okay but the journey(yes journey) i've to take to get to the concert made it special..okay so i know it is held in AUC(american university in cairo) i think it will be in cairo..and i think cairo is not dat big and AUC must be near downtown..although my fren anas atarek warned me it's very far from ramses, being a stubborn i assume it's only city stars maybe LE 20 max..

so from tanta i take tramco aka minivan(at first i'm thinking of taking the train instead, but i slept and woke up at 3.30 pm,the concert is at 6pm),tramco doesn't have schedule, so by 4.30 pm tramco penuh and we departed.So,by 6 pm we arrived at ramses(by we i meant me,the smelly pakcik beside me and the other angry egyptian dat protest dat igar(sewa/tiket) to ramses shud be LE 7 not LE 8(coz skarang sume tramco from tanta brenti kt abud).Aku pg concert tu sorg2 je.untuk zulfahmi,aku mtk maaf sgt x ajak,and to clear things up,aku pn xtau kawan aku jual tiket..lps habis concert br tau.

so at 6pm in ramses,azan berkumandang(lol to berkumandang), i went to masjid in ramses ntuk smayang dlu(malas nk jamak ta'khir coz konfem mls nnt ble dh habis konsert and mmg cadang ntuk blk trus ke tanta)..even though the concert start at 6pm(which is very weird..asal dorg x start lmbt sket??ble plak dorg smayang maghrib)so, i thought,dorg mesti stop in the middle of concert ntuk rest n solat,so aku x kesahla kalau tertinggal lagu2 yg awal(bkn diehard fan pn).

by 6.30 pm i took a white cab(bermeter,since my friend advise me to do so sbb die xtau jrk ramses and AUC so xtau harga brape,aku juz assume plg mahal pn 20 genih),die bleh stop kejap nk isi minyak,dahla panjang beratur,pastu x stop meter..i became suspicious,plus he's so damn 7 pm tgk x sampai lg..hurmm..meter dh melambung dah ni..dah LE 20..dkt dah kot..then by 7.30 pm dah start nmpk papan tanda"10 km to AUC exit" memule relieve..but the exit part buat aku terpk..hurmm..dkt je kot exit die with buzz mcm dlm kuiz kesihatan kat tv) WRONG..another 10 km if not mistaken to AUC..

so ble sampai aku tgk meter LE 60(same ngan harge tiket) and jam kol aku bg LE 100 coz xde duit kecik..then pakcik tu buat bodo cam waiting 4 me to get out from the car..i ask for my baki..
then die kate AUC ni ulu..xde org tahan teksi di on the way x adil r..patut pn peramah..WTF rite..aku ckp tp meter 60 so..aku byr 60 je la..he refused dh lame ckp2..die kate..look..i only have LE 30 rite now..take it or leave it..dlm kpale aku"smack him and leave him".coz dh lmbt sgt aku pn amik je LE 30 since i thought it's useless to ask for more money from egyptian,it's like asking the jews to leave palestine.

                               me and anas(kwn skolah rendah)

so aku friends anas,send a worker to give me the ticket..and i met him inside..die kate concert baru concert tu abis at 10 pm kot..starting wif hamza namira(lots of egyptian enjoying this),then maher zain( dorg rase bosan coz lagu maher zain xde rentak arab,so dorg xleh betepok..and oso dorg x phm's cool dat in the middle of the concert maher zain announced dat he know dat many malaysian is in here..i see a group of malaysian oso brings the malaysian's a good concert wif live cool is dat and i only paid LE 60??
rupe2nye it's for a great cause(donation ntuk palestine i think)..sbb tu tiket murah(dorg oso edar tabung donation)..dlm dewan kot..sume org seated..bkn berdiri.

                        utk yg xtau..abg botak tepi aku nilah maher zain

balik naik bas from auc ke arma(coz member aku yg tempah,dorg cm coordinator utk dak malaysiala..ade sume malaysian student from all over egypt..ade dak mansoura and alex pn)..sampai ARMA(malaysian hall) jumpe 3 org junoir tahun 1 Tanta(daniel,hazwan and uzair) at first dorg nk stay mlm tu kat arma..but ble tau aku nk blk tanta trus..dorg pn ikut..mlm tu kitorg punye luck coz slalunye brebut nak naik tramco fom that night mcm x ramai sgt..smpai tanta dlm kol 1.30 am

p/s: do u guys notice dat at the beginning of most of my entry is in english..then bile dah pertengahan and akhir2,tetibe aku tukar ayat kot nk tulis english..coz tkt byk sgt grammar mistake


  1. aii..
    tula..nk pg AUC,tak buat kajian dulu.
    AUC kat rehab city tu hujung dunia la..
    takde teksi pegi sana,n klu pegi kenala baya lebih,mcm naik teksi pegi kat sana,da ada shuttle bas untuk ke heliopolis.
    kire baikla tu pakcik tu bagi baki 30.

  2. k r..nnt nk g mane2 aku tanye ko dlu..ko kn ade lonely planet ntuk sume negara

  3. so do w me. i kenal maher zain pun baru je. thanks to my frens xD
    and and and. whotheheckis hamza namira?
    safwan is soooooooo cute listening to her songs. hahah.

  4. hamza namira tu penyanyi sini..die femes slalunye x ramai org mlesia sini dgr lagu arab

  5. so do u listen to any of her song?

    few suggestions. (tatau u have heard of these b4 o not :D)


  6. iv just google hamza namira.
    i tot hamza namira is a girl????.
    haha. so its supposed to be HE not she.hahha
    lame me!!