Friday, 14 May 2010

short blog:otorhinolaryngology

having ENT exam tomorrow and i'm having sore throat( i donno,it also itch) today,how ironic is dat..
it's the worst..i think i get it by eating too much honey dew 2 days before..
so..i went to the pharmacy to buy some cough syrup(since i already ate like dozen of strepsils,but not working)
waktu nak bayar,came this uncle from behind..dengar waktu die inspirate(bernafas), ade stridor(sound that produce waktu bernafas due to stenosis)..die punya inspiratory stridor..and ble dia bukak mulut untuk cakap suara die cool is dat to diagnose people on the street..and how ironic(2nd time) adakah ini petanda bagus untuk esok??? haha..insyaallah..pray for me


  1. wow..good.A good Doctor,is A good Observer though.
    well..goodluck there!!

  2. all of the above:thanx,boleh la jawab..sekodar

  3. haha.knew it ,glad tho :)